Look no further than Taxi Mom® for your child’s transportation needs, now serving the Ponte Vedra Florida area.

Look no further than Taxi Mom, now serving the Ponte Vedra Florida area. Carrie Holtz is the proud owner of a Taxi Mom® Franchise that is bringing an emerging solution that is sweeping across the nation for parents needing an alternative to the traditional school bus service.

Carrie is a widow and a mother of 2 kids that needed school transportation to get her kids home every day. Carrie is a force in the dental industry for 36+ years, and is a successful Director of 22 dental offices spread out across Jacksonville Florida. Her job takes her 1 to 2 hours away from picking up her kids from school on time. Even when traveling locally the traffic and other obstacles get in the way sometimes.

Carrie realized she needed an after-school pickup transportation for kids to get her kids home from school SAFELY while she was at work. Perhaps this resonates with you.

After 2 months of researching online for companies that provide transportation for kids for after-school activities, as well as a round trip from home to school, she found a total of 15 drop-off services for kids online, but none in Florida. The ones that she did find didn’t even offer the basic standards regarding technology, and accountability for transporting her precious kids until she came across Taxi Mom.

The Taxi Mom’s Technology is State-of-The-Art with a downloadable App. Carrie would know when Taxi Mom is headed to pick up or drop off, and how long it will take to arrive, including real-time bread crumb movements of their vehicles.

When Yolanda Stevenson, the proud owner of the Taxi Mom Franchise informed Carrie that her Private Transportation For Kids Service includes a notification when your child is picked up, and a second notification when your child is dropped off. To top that, the Taxi Mom driver does not leave the drop off until your child is SAFELY inside their destination. Now that would give everyone peace-of-mind.

Carrie said, the technology notification service, and the over 20 years of experience set Taxi Mom apart, as a drop-off service for kids. Carrie was sold on the company.

The only thing was, there were no franchise owners in Jacksonville.

The more Carrie shared the service with the other parents the more she realized how many other families needed this type of service.

With the need being recognized, and the service to feel the need already poised to accommodate, everything else seemed to Organically fall into place says Carrie.

Carrie is now bringing her over 22 years of experience working with kids from 2 to 20 years old, her first-class customer service, and business skills to her Taxi Mom Franchise.

What a great way to start a business, by filling a current need.

If you need this type of service in the Florida area, you can click here or call 904-395-4522. taximom.com/pv-fl/

The Taxi Mom® Franchise has a waiting list of over 1,000+ parents across the United States waiting to start using this Hi-tech Transportation Service to get their kids to school and back SAFELY. If you would like information on Franchise Ownership of the leading Franchise Transportation Service for Kids call 972-737-7302 or email info@taximomfranchise.com 

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