Help Solve the School Bus Driver Shortage – Become a Taxi Mom Franchisee!

Help Solve the School Bus Driver Shortage – Become a Taxi Mom Franchisee!

We see stories of school bus driver shortages caused by the COVID pandemic almost daily. As a result, school districts cannot fill bus driver vacancies, and parents are adjusting their schedules – often missing work – to ensure their children get safely to and from school. Yet, even with many school districts offering bonuses, increased salaries, and paid training for new drivers, the shortages show no sign of abating.

Areas across Texas are reporting shortages of these essential workers; Fort Bend School District, for example, had 100 vacancies in early January. In one San Antonio district, drivers are making “double runs.” A school system in Maryland has even requested help from the National Guard, while The U.S. Department of Transportation is temporarily easing up on some of the requirements for new school bus drivers.  

Has this situation impacted you or someone you know? Do you want to be a part of the solution?

Currently, we have a list of high-demand areas that have requested our private, subscription-based school transportation. Unfortunately, we do not have a presence in these markets, so this is a perfect time to consider purchasing a Taxi Mom Franchise. We are expanding and ready to support new entrepreneurs.

Are you worried about financing? While there are several methods of financing a new business, we have recently partnered with Benetrends Financial, an innovator in business startup financing. For over 35 years, Benetrends has helped thousands of entrepreneurs open their doors using retirement funds without incurring debt, taxes, or penalties. The Rainmaker Plan®, also known as ROBS (Rollover-for-Business-Start-Ups), was pioneered by Len Fischer,  one of the nation’s leading ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) attorneys. 

Yet getting financing is just one step toward becoming an independent business owner. At Taxi Mom Franchise, we guide you through all phases of starting your business. We provide the training, technology, and ongoing assistance you need to thrive. Owning a Taxi Mom Franchise could put you in the unique position of responding to a critical community need while creating a business of your own that allows you to work from home, manage your own schedule, and spend more time with your family.

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