Taxi Mom Franchise FAQs

Get answers to many common questions about owning a Taxi Mom franchise.

How much does a Taxi Mom® franchise cost?

The total investment necessary to begin operating a Taxi Mom® franchise ranges from $85,835 to $117,500. The pricing reflects the initial franchise fee of $50,000.

Is Taxi Mom® publicly traded?


Do you finance or have a list of vendors that can help with financing?
No, we do not offer any financing. We encourage you to check with your local bank or try
Do you offer a discount to military veterans?

Yes, we offer a 35% discount on our Franchise Fee to any active or honorably discharged veterans.

Can I operate a Taxi Mom® Franchise from home?

Yes, we are a home-based business. As your business grows, you may feel it necessary to lease or purchase office space; however, that decision is yours to make when the time is right.

Do I get a protected territory?

Yes! All franchise trade areas are protected. We will not sell another Taxi Mom franchise within your territory. You must live within your trade area.

How much from royalties?


What support does Taxi Mom® provide franchisees?

As a Taxi Mom® franchisee, you will receive comprehensive training in the use of our unique transportation management and scheduling technology, as well as hands-on training and exceptional written direction to assist the franchisee to become quickly successful and, with that success, an important member of the community delivering a service almost everyone needs.

How much can I expect to earn as a Taxi Mom franchise?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and various state franchise sales regulations restrict our ability to share specific profit projections outside our Franchise Disclosure Document, which you
will obtain in the evaluation process. This document contains financial aspects of franchising with Taxi Mom, and we also encourage you to speak with our existing franchisees to gain a better understanding of the business potential.

How long does it take to open a Taxi Mom franchise?

Once a franchise has been awarded, it usually takes approximately 10 weeks. You must begin business within 120 days after signing the Franchise Agreement, unless we give you a written extension. *Note: We conduct franchise training at our Corporate Headquarters in Richardson, TX USA. Your training will last 1-2 weeks and include a comprehensive review of our business strategy, marketing plan, programs, supplies, technology resources and more.

What kind of continuous support is there?

Your success is our success and we’ve created a Taxi Mom® University virtual bi-weekly class to keep everyone updated with the never ending technology upgrades, changes, and how to’s.  We are very proud of our support team and the collaboration from our franchisee’s. 

Additional support

  • Advisory council
  • eLearning training
  • Facebook Think Tank Group
  • Taxi Mom® University
Can I purchase more than 1 Taxi Mom territory?

Yes. We require a new Franchisee to operate their territory for a minimum of 6 months, after which time they can open additional territories with a discounted Franchise Fee.

How is your system better than competitors?

Easy to use subscription based system, Taxi Mom® technology from beginning to end, App to support effective driving, branding tools and support. .

How can I get more information about owning a Taxi Mom Franchise?

Click here and complete the form to get started! Upon receipt of your request, a Taxi Mom team member will contact you to discuss our franchise opportunities in more detail.